The COVID-19 pandemic has changed people’s way of life, and it’s no surprise that Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) have also changed how they do business. With more people staying home, and travelling less, they’re spending less time in traditional commercial settings, like hotels.

But that doesn’t mean that hotel pests, like bed bugs, have disappeared. It’s possible for bed bugs to survive several months without a blood meal. And they are certainly still causing problems in multi-unit housing complexes.

Bed Bug Treatments During the Pandemic

We’ve developed the following tips and tricks specifically for PMPs providing bed bug treatments during the pandemic:

Be prepared

The size and spread of the infestation could be significant. Whether due to embarrassment or stress, homeowners often delay calling for help. And especially now, when having a contractor in their home is a health concern, the problem has likely had time to grow before you were contacted.

Ensure that you have enough product for a large infestation and that you are bringing all needed materials.

Keep yourself healthy

The most important thing you need right now is adequate personal protective equipment (PPE). Wear a mask or respirator when entering a customer’s home or building. Also consider wearing gloves and a Tyvek suit. Not only will you reduce the possibility of transporting bed bugs offsite, you’ll get an extra layer of protection.

Be quick and complete

Given the current state, it’s important to get the job done right the first time. Properly identifying the source of the infestation and choosing the right product will help reduce the number of required visits. When possible, select a product with a long residual and multiple active ingredients to help combat resistance, like MGK’s CrossFire.

Refamiliarize yourself with the products available and determine which is most effective for each situation. And double-check the rates and mixing instructions so you can save time and be ready to treat right away.

Partner with your customer

With limited in-person interactions, you’ll need to rely on the homeowner or building manager to do more prep work. Give your customer clear instructions on how to best prepare for a bed bug treatment. If you do not have a preparation sheet, now would be a good idea to create one. Proper preparation is essential for effective treatments.

And don’t forget the human element. Even under normal circumstances, bed bugs can cause severe stress. Add in a widespread virus, and that’s just an additional layer of anxiety. Be as patient and sympathetic as possible. We can all use a little kindness right now.

Additional Resources

MGK can help you confidently provide bed bug treatments during the pandemic with these leading bed bug products:

Learn more about bed bugs and download resources on our Bed Bugs page.

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