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We deliver on the promise to continually develop effective insect control solutions that meet a wide range of needs.

We look ahead to prevent disruptions and maintain protection of residential, commercial and agricultural operations.




Take Back the Backyard at PestWorld 2021!

We’re looking forward to being back in person for PestWorld 2021 and we hope to see you there! MGK has been a long-time supporter of our industry through the National Pest Management Association’s annual event, and this year is no exception. Reconnected. Inspired. Educated. Drop by Exhibit Hall Booth #621 to hang out in our Read more…

Know Your Insect

Get to know your insect and how to control it. MGK® is here to help you identify disruptive and harmful insects encountered both indoors and out. Select an icon below to learn more about the particular insect and the best practices for protecting against it.

Our Categories

  • Professional Pest Control
  • Animal Health
  • Crop Protection
  • Plant & Greenhouse
  • Organic Home Gardening
  • Mosquito Control
  • Vector/Public Health
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Professional Pest Control

Our industry-leading products can help meet both your performance and customer service needs. As your professional insect control partner, MGK® provides effective insect control solutions and proven best practices, so your job is easier and your business is more successful.

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Animal Health

MGK® insect control solutions help protect against flies and other insects that may transmit disease. Solve insect problems, maximize productivity and protect the bottom line with our portfolio of effective, easy-to-use products.

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Crop Protection

MGK® crop protection products control a wide range of yield-limiting insects on many different operations and more than 200 crops. These plant protection products are distributed by Valent USA

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Plant & Greenhouse

MGK® is a leading manufacturer of plant protection products with botanically derived and synthetic active ingredients for plant and greenhouse insect control. Our comprehensive portfolio of effective, easy-to-use products is suitable for use in greenhouses and nurseries.

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Organic Home Gardening

Proven Effective Since 1915 MGK organic gardening insecticides are proven to be effective in getting rid of unwanted garden pests. 100 years ago we created a way to extract a powerful plant-made insecticide from daisy flowers called Pyrethrum. This key ingredient has been trusted by professional farmers ever since.  

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Mosquito Control

Help customers take advantage of outdoor living again with the MGK® family of specialized mosquito control solutions, designed to effectively kill flying insects.

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Vector/Public Health

The MGK® portfolio of specialized insect control solutions can help mitigate vector diseases that have a significant effect on public health.

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Custom Insect Control Solutions

Work with us to gain access to leading-edge R&D and manufacturing expertise. MGK® can provide the resources you need to make an existing product more effective or develop a new custom insect control solution.

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