Innovative Bed Bug Solutions

Don’t let bed bugs bleed your bottom line. Let science do the work.

MGK’s complete line of bed bug control solutions ensures that PMPs have everything they need to tackle the tough bed bug infestations. Available in aerosol and concentrate form, get the quick kill and lasting residual you need in products that are effective against all bed bug life stages, including resistant strains.

Confidently tackle bed bug infestations with MGK’s industry-leading solutions and make sure your customers get the relief they need.

Bedlam® Insecticide

Bedlam® 17 oz Product Image

Kill and control bed bugs, lice and dust mites in the toughest hiding places. Labeled for use on headboards, box springs and mattress, this water-based product won’t stain water-safe fabrics.

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Bedlam Plus®

Bedlam Plus 17 ox Product Image

Get dual modes of action that kill bed bugs and pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs fast. With a combination of quick kill and residual control, this aerosol keeps killing after you’re gone, leaving customers satisfied for longer.

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CrossFire® Aerosol

CrossFire Aerosol Product Image - Spray Can

Kill pyrethroid-resistant bed bug strains at all life stages, including eggs. This patented formula with multiple modes of action is the only bed bug product with a unique combination of three active ingredients that provides longer-lasting control. The results save you time and money.

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CrossFire® Bed Bug Concentrate

CrossFire 130 ounce Concentrate Bottle: Ergonomic handle on right side, new measuring chamber on top

Get improved accuracy and reduced likelihood of spills with this leading bed bug solution. With a patented formula, multiple modes of action and three active ingredients, the concentrate is ideal for bed bug control, helping you get it right the first time.

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