Multifamily Housing Portfolio

Maintain profit and grow your business with MGK

Multifamily housing means more opportunities for pests. Maintain your profit and grow your business with our powerful pest-control aerosols, concentrates and gel baits designed to protect against bedbugs, ants, fleas, roaches and spiders. Whether you’re working with a professional management company, government-subsidized housing or a private landlord, MGK has the solutions and knowledge to help you manage your contract and treatments – and help you find additional service opportunities.

Bed Bug Products

Bed Bug Solutions

Take advantage of MGK’s complete line of bed bug products to treat harborage areas and initial treatments in both vacant and occupied units.

See MGK’s Bed Bug Solutions

Vendetta Family of Cockroach Gel Baits: Vendetta, Vendetta Plus, Vendetta Nitro

Vendetta® Cockroach Gel Baits

MGK’s industry-leading baits will help you quickly gain control of cockroaches in both vacant and occupied units.

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Pyrocide 100 and Pyrocide 300 Fogging Concentrates

Fogging Concentrates

MGK’s fogging concentrates are ideal for quickly reducing cockroach infestations in vacant units.

Pyrocide® 100 Pyrocide® 300

NyGuard Plus aerosol and NyGuard IGR bottles

Insect Growth Regulators

Break the life cycle of roaches and fleas, and get long-term control or use when tenant has product concerns in occupied units.

NyGuard Plus Aerosol NyGuard IGR

Evergreen Pyrethrum Concentrate Gallon and Pint Bottles

Botanical Insecticides

EverGreen® Pyrethrum Concentrate is an effective botanical alternative that can be used when tenant has concerns in occupied units.

EverGreen Pyrethrum Concentrate

Onslaught Gallon & Pint, Onslaught FastCap Gallon & Pint

Onslaught® Products

These microencapsulated insecticides are designed for treatments on interior flooring in occupied units and exterior maintenance treatments.

Onslaught Onslaught FastCap

Sumari System: Ant Gel Bait and Insecticide concentrate

Sumari® System

MGK’s ant control system treats identified ant activity/nests in occupied units and interior common areas, as well as exterior maintenance.

Sumari System

Shockwave 1 Aerosol - Three Cans

Shockwave® 1 Aerosol

Use MGK’s flushing aerosol to quickly reduce large cockroach populations in occupied units.

Shockwave Aerosol