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Barrier Treatments

MGK® provides backpack misting solutions for convenient mosquito protection that will help reduce the concerns about the mosquito as a disease vector and make outdoor spaces more enjoyable. Targeted applications create a barrier around structures and landscapes. Mists dry in about an hour, but result in residual control of mosquitoes and other pests such as flies, ticks and fleas.

Get the Mosquito Control Results You Need

An effective mosquito control program should include innovative products and appropriate surveillance for potential breeding sites. Partner with MGK to develop a mosquito control plan. The program may include:

  • An adulticide to provide immediate relief from biting mosquitoes. Choose an adulticide with microcap technology for best results.
  • A synergist to enhance insecticide efficacy.
  • An insect growth regulator (IGR) to disrupt the insect life cycle.
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Barrier Treatment Products

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