Ant control, especially when dealing with tramp ants, can be a difficult and time-consuming task for PMPs.

  • Should you use a fast-acting pyrethroid to create a barrier and risk pushing them further into a structure?
  • Should you bait inside or outside?
  • Should you use a non-repellent on-structure only or treat off-structure as well?

While there are many options, there are aspects of tramp ant biology and behavior that can be exploited to achieve thorough control quickly.

Traditional Treatments Are Not Always Effective on Tramp Ant Populations

Group of Argentine ants
Argentine Ants

Tramp ant species like Argentine ants, odorous house ants, white-footed ants, and ghost ants have multiple queens, numerous colony sites, and often invade areas through budding or fission. Because they may form massive, geographically separated colonies, it can be difficult to locate all nesting sites. It also means colonies can reinfest after treatment, with one satellite colony taking over the vacated habitat.

For example, if a homeowner complains they have ants trailing indoors, the preferred treatment may involve baiting on the interior and/or treating around the perimeter of the structure with a non-repellent residual product.

While the above approach can be effective for smaller infestations, it often results in temporary relief followed by reinfestation. This is mainly due to the limited number of ants an indoor baiting approach can reach or the eventual removal of material once enough ants have crossed the treated area.

With large infestations, a more effective way to reach a larger proportion of ants and satellite colonies involves using gel baits to attract foraging ants over a non-repellent residual. Enter the Sumari® System.

The Sumari® System Makes Tramp Ant Management Easier

Designed to work in tandem, the powerful combination of Sumari® Insecticide  and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait  enhances treatment results through both direct contact and ingestion, while providing long-lasting control.

Optimal performance is achieved when the two products are used together, especially for tramp ant species with large source populations that exist outside of the property being treated.

A good example of this is a treatment I did for a large-scale Argentine ant colony in a suburban northern California neighborhood. By applying Sumari® Insecticide to foraging trails and baiting over those treated areas with Sumari® Ant Gel Bait, a significantly larger amount of material was transferred between all castes, either by contact or food-sharing.

While there was no way to eliminate all ants in the subdivision, the Sumari® System was able to suppress ant activity in treated homes for the remainder of the season.

One often overlooked component to effective tramp ant management is exterior baiting. Traditionally, baits are applied on the interior where ants are found but with large tramp ant populations this may not eliminate the problem. Ants forage indoors for food and water, and if they can get that food outside, they will quickly consume that resource.

Tramp ants are successful because they quickly and effectively outcompete other ants for resources. By applying a gel bait like Sumari® Ant Gel, which holds up very well in outdoor environments, you can exploit that foraging behavior and achieve better results, faster.

Improve Your Ant Control Protocol with the Sumari® System

This attract-and-kill approach using the Sumari® System is highly effective because of the unique benefits that the two products offer both individually and together.

Sumari System – insecticide product bottle shown with purple labelSumari® Insecticide concentrate provides fast-acting and long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species, as well as a broad spectrum of other insects. This all-in-one solution can be used indoors and out, including outdoor broadcast. It has no signal word and contains NyGuard® IGR.

Sumari® Ant Gel BaitSumari System – gel bait clamshell shown with gold label is a highly palatable, consistent matrix that delivers long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species. It kills within 24 hours and eliminates colonies within 1-2 weeks. This new bait can be used indoors and outdoors, including food areas in operation and has no signal word.

Successful tramp ant control starts with the Sumari® System. Contact us to find out how the Sumari System would take your ant control protocol to the next level.

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