MGK is helping PMPs maximize efficacy and control with the all-new Sumari® System.

Designed to work in tandem, the powerful combination of Sumari® Insecticide and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait enhances treatment results through both direct contact and ingestion, while providing long-lasting ant control. This attract-and-kill approach reaches deep into the colony, delivering faster and more thorough control, even when other food sources are present.

  • Easy, two-step method
    Spray concentrate where ants are foraging; apply bait over or near treated areas
  • Flexible use sites
    Sumari products can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • No signal word
    Time spent preparing and treating are reduced with minimal PPE requirements
  • Complete System
    Optimal performance is achieved when both products are used together

The Sumari System Improves on Traditional Treatments

It should be noted that this attract-and-kill approach to ant control is not new. In fact, many service managers and technicians have mentioned using similar approaches to great effect. The Sumari System elevates this approach in formulation chemistry and active ingredients used.

Sumari® Insecticide

Sumari System – insecticide product bottle shown with purple labelSumari Insecticide is an emulsion in water (EW) where traditional oil-based solvents have been removed and replaced with specialized solvents and emulsifiers. This non-repellent, water-based formulation works exceptionally well when treating for ants because it will not impact bait palatability.

Sumari® Ant Gel Bait

Sumari System – gel bait clamshell shown with gold labelThe second part of the system is Sumari Ant Gel Bait. It incorporates a sugar-carbohydrate food source, often-preferred by many tramp ant species. The matrix is durable and holds up well outdoors, an important feature for effectively treating for tramp ants.

Clothianidin, the active ingredient in Sumari Ant Gel Bait, is a potent neonicotinoid that starts killing within 24 hours. Tramp ants are extremely efficient foragers and can devour food items in a matter of hours, and the amount of clothianidin in Sumari Ant Gel is optimized for this. It kills quickly, but not too quickly.

Successful Treatment Starts with the Sumari System

We recommend applying Sumari Insecticide as a spot, broadcast, or perimeter treatment where ants are foraging, then applying Sumari Ant Gel Bait over the treated area where ants will encounter it.

As foraging continues the residual material is spread throughout the colony by contact, while the gel bait is fed to the larvae and reproductive castes. This ensures you are delivering active ingredient to as many ants as quickly as possible, resulting in faster, more thorough control.

If you prefer to bait first, spraying Sumari Insecticide will not impact palatability in small amounts but flooding or drenching the bait is not advised.

If you are not familiar with this attract-and-kill strategy, the technical services team at MGK would be happy to discuss it in detail. Contact us to find out how the Sumari System would take your ant control protocol to the next level.

Sumari System - ant graphic visually showing insecticide (in purple) affecting ants through direct contacts and bait (in gold) affecting ants through ingestion

The Sumari System’s dual modes of action affect ants both through direct contact with the insecticide (shown in purple) and ingestion of the bait (shown in gold).

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