There are two reasons why a pest management professional should consider fogging to control German cockroaches.

New Services for German Cockroaches

The first instance is for new services. It is important to understand what the previous company did to treat an infestation and to offer alternatives to the client. I always recommend fogging a drop ceiling on all new commercial facilities.

Too often companies neglect potential harborage areas that can be found in a drop ceiling. To a German cockroach, drop ceilings are a great place to find undisturbed harborage areas close to food and water sources. First determine if your new customer’s drop ceiling can be treated.

Hard-to-control German Cockroach Management for Current Accounts

The second reason I would recommend fogging in a drop ceiling is for a current account that that you are finding hard to gain control. Repeating treatments, the same way you have always treated, doesn’t always work.

When control becomes difficult and frustrating try mixing things up and use alternative options to gain control like fogging.

Fogging Treatments are Convenient and Effective for Drop Ceilings

I realize that a drop ceiling can be treated without fogging. In my experience, using bait products requires a great deal of time to treat with a poor return on results. It requires moving a ladder around the kitchen every 5 to 10 feet.

Also, it can be a challenge to remove the ceiling panels while taking care not to break one. Finally, it is difficult during follow-up services to inspect previously baited areas. I have found that fogging is an easier process with a better return.

The key to long-term German cockroach control in a drop ceiling is to treat with an IGR. The IGR will help you gain control of the population. I recommend using an all-in-one product like Shockwave® Fogging Concentrate that already contains NyGuard IGR, or adding the IGR separately if needed.

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