Sector® Misting Concentrate - Animal Health

Use Sites

Animal Premise, Grain Elevator/Bin, Indoor, Outdoor, Over or On Animal, Perimeter

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Sector® Misting Concentrate is a water-based insecticide designed for misting systems that delivers effective, long-lasting, economical protection from the toughest flying insect problems, including flies, mosquitoes and other nuisance insects.

Primary Uses

  • Stable Flies
  • Horse Flies
  • House Flies
  • Deer Flies
  • Face Flies
  • Lice
  • Mites

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Features & Benefits
  • Quick knockdown and excellent residual control
  • Synergized formula for effective control
  • For use in automatic misting systems
  • Water-based polymeric surfactant system is stable in solution
  • Will not harm most common ornamental plants
  • Kills mosquitoes which may transmit West Nile virus
  • Kills mosquitoes, including the Aedes mosquito that may carry and transmit Zika virus
  • Kills deer ticks that may transmit Lyme disease

Sector® FAQs

  • 55-gallon drum
  • 275-gallon tote
  • 1-gallon bottle overpack (80 bottles per overpack)

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Sector® mixing rates will vary based on application type as it is a very versatile product. Dilute 1.28 fl. oz. of Sector® per gallon of water to control severe infestations of most filth flies on animals and their premises. For maintenance use, dilute 0.32 fl. oz. of Sector® per gallon water. Reference the product label for exact rate recommendations. Rates will change based on target insect and infestation levels.

Yes, Sector® may be applied to cattle through backrubber applications. Dilute 8 fl. oz. of Sector® in 5 gallons mineral oil and use solution to charge backrubbers.

Sector® may be mixed with mineral oil for applications to listed animals using a backrubber.

Besides delivery through a misting system, Sector® may be applied to livestock by dipping, sponging, through a backrubber or by fogging over animal. Consult the label for instructions specific to the desired application method.

Sector® is a great choice when looking for a broad-spectrum product that provides residual control up to 28 days. MGK also has many botanically based products designed for misting systems, including Riptide®, VamPyre® and Troika®.

The residual effects of Sector® will be dependent on environmental conditions. An important step in controlling insects is to monitor the population. By monitoring, one can observe when population numbers of target insects begin to rise and use it as a sign that another application is needed.

Sector® is also labeled for effective control of bed bugs, mites, including northern fowl mites and lice in poultry facilities.