March 8, 2021

Minneapolis, MN – MGK is excited to introduce the all-new Sumari® System. Designed to work in tandem, the powerful combination of Sumari® Insecticide and Sumari® Ant Gel Bait enhances treatment results through both direct contact and ingestion, while providing long-lasting control. Optimal performance is achieved when the two products are used together.

Sumari® Insecticide concentrate provides fast-acting and long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species, as well as a broad spectrum of other insects. This all-in-one solution can be used indoors and out, including outdoor broadcast, has no signal word and contains NyGuard® IGR. Reference the label for details.

Sumari® Ant Gel Bait is a highly palatable, consistent matrix that delivers long-lasting control of ants, including multi-queen species – killing within 24 hours and eliminating colonies within 1-2 weeks. This new bait can be used indoors and outdoors, including food areas in operation, and has no signal word. Reference the label for details.

“This targeted attract-and-kill approach reaches deep into the colony, delivering faster and more thorough control, even when other food sources are present. While the products work great on their own, enhanced performance is achieved when the gel bait and concentrate are used together as a system,” said Ryan Neff, PhD, Technical Field Specialist at MGK.

The Sumari® System was created specifically for PMPs. During development, the MGK team worked directly with PMPs to identify several challenging areas within ant control that were lacking in current product offerings on the market. Boasting flexible labels, only Sumari® brings together the features critical for improved ant control, boosting productivity and giving PMPs more control to get it right the first time.

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