MGK introduces Sumilarv® 0.5G and Sumilarv® WSP, two mosquito larvicides that deliver a distinct mode of action and set a higher industry standard for effectiveness. The new products mark a significant advance, with the promise of a longer-lasting and a highly efficient new tool to better control mosquitos.

“These two Sumilarv products mark an important step forward in the fight to control problem mosquito populations in the field,” says Dr. Caleb Corona, an MGK entomologist and recognized expert in vector control.

Sumilarv Provides Long-term Mosquito Control

Dr. Corona presented data showing that a single application of Sumilarv 0.5G or Sumilarv WSP can provide effective residual control for up to 150 days.

“Pyriproxyfen, the active ingredient in Sumilarv, is around 55 times more efficacious than methoprene and up to 500 times more effective than spinosad,” notes Dr. Corona.

“The distinct mode of action in relation to other larvicidal products paired with the extremely low amount of active ingredient needed to impact mosquito populations make these products a great addition to a rotational strategy to avoid the development of resistance.”

The dense, granular, sand-like formulation is easy to apply and sinks in water, where it naturally binds to organic matter and concrete — resisting flushing and dilution.

Extensive field studies have demonstrated that Sumilarv 0.5G delivers reliable larval control after just a single dose. “The long-term efficacy of the product paired with the ease of application makes Sumilarv a great option to reduce the cost of applications to any mosquito control group,” says Dr. Corona.

Sumilarv’s Efficacy Proven in Field Trials

Mosquito control organizations across the U.S. have tested Sumilarv 0.5G in applications like stormwater catch basins, water retention ponds, livestock lagoons and other common mosquito breeding sites. In each application, Sumilarv’s long-lasting efficacy was confirmed.

Dr. Stephen Manweiler, executive director of the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District of Minneapolis, Minnesota notes that, “tests of Sumilarv 0.5G provided effective season-long control (June- September) of larval mosquitoes including Culex in catch basins with just one treatment.”

Sumilarv 0.5G and Sumilarv WSP join proven MGK botanical adulticides and barrier sprays that enable more targeted treatments and provide a comprehensive portfolio of mosquito control products.

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