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Sumilarv® 0.5G is a powerful larvicide designed to achieve longer-lasting vector control and is a tool for resistance management. With an easy-to-apply granular formula Sumilarv® 0.5G saves mosquito abatement agencies time and money. With its unique formulation and non-flushing properties it remains on site and effective for longer. Sumilarv® 0.5G brings the globally proven efficacy of pyripoxyfen to the U.S. vector control market providing extended larval control.

Primary Uses

  • Non-flushing formula provides long-lasting control
  • Prevents adult emergence
  • Easy to use
  • UV resistant
  • Reduces application costs

Sumilarv® 0.5G FAQs

Sumilarv® is intended for use in wet substrates such as lagoons. NyGuard® may be applied in both wet and dry substrates, such as dirt and manure.

Sumilarv® may be applied in any water body that does not feed into a natural water source. Examples around the farm include ditches, creeks, tanks that do not water livestock, lagoons, natural bodies of water and manure pits.

As an insect growth regulator (IGR), Sumilarv® will compliment your adulticide treatments for mosquito control. IGRs work to keep mosquitoes in the immature larval stage and will kill them before they reach adulthood. Over time, improved control will be observed due to fewer adult mosquitoes.

At this time, Sumilarv® is only labeled for control of mosquitoes.

Monitoring control of the mosquito population is the best guide to re-application. Frequency of application will depend on three factors: dose rate, water quality (e.g. pollution) and dilution caused by rainfall or removal and replenishment of water within the treatment site.