Custom Solutions

Public Health Products

MGK® is committed to providing innovative products and services that meet the performance expectations of our customers and yours. We continually strive to develop advanced insect control solutions with novel product formulations, delivery systems and active ingredients specifically designed for the public health market.
MGK custom commercial products are designed for commercial and governmental mosquito control programs to help manage adult mosquito populations.


Custom Products Formulated for You

At MGK®, we believe everyone has the right to manage insects in their living environment. At MGK, we offer the highest-quality solutions to mitigate and control insects that threaten public health by spreading serious diseases. We’re constantly developing new and improved formulations for our government agency and manufacturing partners.
With the continuing threat of West Nile virus and the increasing resistance of some malarial strains to traditional antibiotics, mosquito-borne illnesses are posing an ever-increasing threat to humans and animals. That’s why we concentrate so much effort into mosquito control technology.
From residential barrier sprays to large-scale aerial applications, MGK has a solution to fit your public health program.