Mosquitoes and Flies

Mosquitoes and Flies

The Complete Family of MGK Mosquito and Fly Control Products






Nyguard® IGR

Nyguard® EZ1

MGK offers a comprehensive array of products designed to meet virtually any mosquito and fly control need.



Riptide Water-based Pyrethrin ULV: is designed to deliver fast knockdown and kill of mosquitoes and features a polymeric water-based formulation that is easy on ornamental plants.


Sector Misting Concentrate: features a combination of Permethrin and the synergist PBO to control a wide range of flying pests quickly and effectively.


Hyperion™ Advanced Mist Concentrate is an innovative new product that delivers proven three day residual activity against mosquitoes.


VamPyre Misting Concentrate: features a high performing ratio of pyrethrum to synergist (1:10) in a water-based formulation.



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