August 2020 brought a new solution to the insect control market as MGK launched Sumari Insecticide. Combining the benefits of both clothianidin and NyGuard IGR in an all-in-one solution, Sumari is a novel formulation that is designed to provide relief for hard-to-kill pests in animal production facilities. Ants, including Red Imported Fire Ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants, are the key targets for Sumari.

Ant Pests and Effects on Animal Health

  • There are 16,000 ant species worldwide and more than 700 species in the United States.
  • Ants are the No. 1 household & nuisance pest in America and can equally be economically damaging to animals and production facilities.
  • The U. S. Department of Agriculture estimated in 2003 that imported fire ants caused an annual loss of $750 million, including a loss of $38 million to livestock (source).
  • Carpenter ants are found throughout the United States and are wood destroying organisms, often nesting near animal production facilities which can result in structural damage.
  • Argentine ants are found mainly in the southern parts of the United States and have large colonies that can extend for miles, making them difficult to control.
  • The complexity of ant colonies makes management difficult, frequently resulting in incomplete or unsatisfactory control.

Map showing fire ant concentration ion the US, noted in red primarily in the south-eastern portion of the country and Puerto Rico. Source:

Source: USDA

Sumari Features and Benefits

To address the issues presented by ants and other pests in animal production environments, MGK set out to develop a solution that meets several basic needs of a livestock producer:

  • Long-term control. The combination of clothianidin and pyriproxyfen provides at least 90 days of residual control on multiple surface types indoors and outdoors, extending time between treatments.
  • Solution for hard-to-control ant colonies. Sumari is a non-repellant, suspoemulsion comprised of small particles which increases the probability that small insects will encounter the active ingredient.
  • Improved efficiency. Sumari contains an adulticide with an IGR, reducing the need to mix multiple products to achieve dual modes of action.
  • Fewer application restrictions. Sumari can be used indoors and outdoors, including as an outdoor broadcast spray in kennels, livestock and poultry housing, horse stables, feed lots, and more.
  • Less risk to applicator. Sumari does not have a signal word and requires minimal PPE for use; no gloves, goggles, or respirators.

Sumari bottles displayed over a white and gold background with the text: Make ant control simple you said. So we did. Deadly simple.

Sumari Controls Pests that Threaten Animal Production

In addition to ants, Sumari is labeled for the following insect pests that can become issues in animal production facilities:

  • Fleas, often an issue when rodents or other small mammals cohabitate livestock housing. Sumari may be applied when animals are not present.
  • German Cockroaches, a common and recurring issue in swine production systems. Sumari may be used as an empty barn residual spray when hogs are not present or in other areas of the facility listed on the label.
  • House Flies, an issue among all animal production commodities. Sumari is the first outdoor broadcast option in its insecticide class. No longer are you restricted to crack-and-crevice applications outdoors, as Sumari provides you the option of another outdoor premise insecticide rotation to battle house fly resistance.
  • Mosquitoes, another common and damaging pest in animal production. Like house fly control, Sumari may be used as an outdoor broadcast premise spray, targeting areas of harborage such as trees and landscaping.
  • And several more.

Sumari Insecticide was designed to simplify ant control across all markets, including animal production. Distinguishing itself from other products labeled for use in and around livestock facilities, Sumari offers a versatile label as an all-in-one solution for hard-to-kill pests. With Sumari, ants do not have to be a way of life and there is a now a better outdoor rotational premise spray option for resistant-prone insects.

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