Vendetta Nitro® Cockroach Gel Bait

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Vendetta Nitro Cockroach Gel Bait attracts and kills bait averse and non-averse cockroaches. Vendetta Nitro is formulated to be highly attractive and effective, even on the toughest, hard-to-kill cockroach populations. Containing an insect growth regulator, NyGuard IGR, Vendetta Nitro reduces cockroach populations by reducing reproduction. Vendetta Nitro is an ideal cleanout product when speed matters.

Primary Uses

Features & Benefits
  • Kills American, German and brown-banded cockroaches
  • Highly palatable bait matrix
  • Attracts and kills bait averse and non-averse cockroaches, including where they hide
  • Contains NyGuard IGR
  • Reduces cockroach populations by preventing reproduction
  • Provides relief from heavy cockroach populations
  • Provides consistent performance over a wide variety of dietary conditions
  • Does not contain peanuts, shellfish, dairy, tree nuts, fish or wheat
  • Clean, odorless bait
  • Not runny in high heat
  • Easy to handle and apply
  • Dispenses smoothly and easily
  • Fits standard bait guns
  • For use in commercial, industrial and residential areas
  • For use in food and non-food areas
  • For use in food processing and stored food areas
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Vendetta Nitro FAQs

  • A clamshell containing four 30-gram tubes

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