Tobex™ Multi MoA Concentrate

Use Sites

Animal Premise, Food-Handling, Indoor, Outdoor, Perimeter

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Tobex combines the power of a knockdown agent, a long-lasting insecticide, a synergist and an IGR into a single product with controlled-release technology. Eliminating the need to mix multiple products saves you time and lets you move on to your next task.

Primary Uses

  • Ants*
  • Spiders**
  • Crickets

*Pharaoh, Carpenter, Harvester and Fire
**Black Widow and Brown Recluse

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Features & Benefits
  • Kills adult and larvae darkling beetles
  • Dual modes of action
  • Contains NyGuard® IGR
  • Controlled release technology
  • Convenient all-in-one product

Tobex FAQs

  • 1-gallon bottle
  • 2.5-gallon bottle
  • 30-gallon drum

Please contact your distributor for availability.