FLYNEXX® Granules

Use Sites

Animal Premise, Indoor, Outdoor

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Flynexx Granules acts as a growth regulator and affects the molting process of fly larvae.

Primary Uses

  • Lesser House Fly
  • Stable Fly
  • Soldier Fly

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Features & Benefits
  • For control of fly larvae in poultry, cattle, and hog operations, and in horse barns
  • Water-soluble granule suitable for dry scattering or spraying
  • Elimination of adult fly population occurs gradually and becomes visible one to two weeks after application
  • Can be used simultaneously with fly adulticides as an important component of an integrated fly control program

Flynexx FAQs

Flynexx is available in a 35 pound bag. Please contact your distributor for availability.

You can reapply as frequently as 21 days.

Allow one day between the last application and slaughter to avoid illegal residues.