FLYNEXX® Granules

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Animal Premise, Indoor, Outdoor

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Flynexx® Granules acts as an insect growth regulator and affects the fly larvae molting process. Applying Flynexx® to fly breeding sites gradually reduces the fly population because flies never reach adulthood. The versatility of the water-soluble granule formulation allows you to select the most convenient Flynexx® application for your situation.

Primary Uses

  • Lesser House Fly
  • Stable Fly
  • Soldier Fly

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Flynexx® FAQs

Flynexx® is available in a 35 pound bag. Please contact your distributor for availability.

You can reapply as frequently as 21 days.

Allow one day between the last application and slaughter to avoid illegal residues.

As an insect growth regulator (IGR), Flynexx® should be applied in areas of fly breeding and development. Examples include manure sites, pit systems, litter storage, stalls and other areas of organic matter accumulation.

Flynexx® may be used as either a granular application or diluted in water. When applied to liquid or moist substrates, such as manure pits, scattering Flynexx® granules is recommended. When applied to drier substrates, such as soil or sand beds, Flynexx® will be more readily absorbed if it is sprayed on the area with a water-based solution.

Flynexx® is a dipteran molting disruptor which means that it keeps immature flies from growing into adult insects. Flies will die before reaching the pupal stage because they are unable to form a pupa casing. By keeping flies in the soft-bodied immature stage, they are easier to kill because immature flies, or maggots, are less mobile and lack an exoskeleton. The absence of an exoskeleton allows the insecticide to penetrate faster and their restricted mobility helps the user target applications to areas of fly development.

Flynexx® is a supplemental form of fly control and compliments applications of insecticides and biological controls like parasitic wasps.

Because of its mode of action, Flynexx® is very specific to which insect it is effective against. Currently, Flynexx® is only labeled for the control of filth flies.