November 2, 2021

Minneapolis, MN – MGK is pleased to announce that former entomologist*, Cassie Krejci, PhD, has been elected as the president of prominent pest control fraternity, Pi Chi Omega. Krejci is the youngest president in the organization’s 71-year history.

Krejci worked for MGK for three years as a Ph.D. Entomologist & Technical Field Specialist, serving the professional, animal health, and consumer pest control markets.

Desiree Straubinger, Cassie Krejci and Mark Sheperdigian
Cassie Krejci (middle) pictured with Desiree Straubinger of Certus (right), President-Elect, and Mark Sheperdigian of Rose Pest Solutions (left), Immediate Past President, at PestWorld 2021

She reflects fondly of her experience as a member of the Pi Chi Omega Board of Directors, “I joined the Pi Chi Omega Board of Directors five years ago and while I knew that I was taking on a new adventure, it has turned out to be so much better than I imagined. The camaraderie among board members when faced with the opportunity to advocate for our industry and the friendship between members as we grow our organization is one that I continue to be amazed by,” Krejci said.

Furthermore, Krejci expresses gratitude over how much the organization has evolved throughout the years, “I have been impressed by the tasks we have accomplished over the last five years – a new website, a social media presence, a new mission statement and goals, Raise the Bar events across the country, and more – and I hope you have been too,” she said. “As President, I hope to continue to help grow Pi Chi Omega into the organization that you want it to be while honoring our history and supporting our organization’s goals for growth.”

Krejci resides outside of College Station, Texas, with her husband, Ryan, and two daughters, Callie (5) and Maren (3).

About Pi Chi Omega

Pi Chi Omega is the national fraternity for pest control professionals. Initiated in 1950 by six students at Purdue University, the fraternity today is comprised of nearly 450 members representing 38 states and four foreign countries. Pi Chi Omega’s vision is to facilitate a collaborative environment in which the technical knowledge is shared by engaged members, elevating the professionalism of the urban pest management community. Additionally, Pi Chi Omega awards $11,000 in scholarships every year to five deserving students. For more information about Pi Chi Omega, visit their website at PiChiOmega.Org.

*Editor’s Note: Dr. Krejci recently started a new position in the pest control industry. We wish her the best!

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