The pandemic might have changed how we connect with one another, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion our technical team brings to work and their field every day.

They love to educate. Whether educating each other or technicians in the field, they get so excited, they can sometimes lose track of time. Teaching may be virtual now and looks a little different, but they still love it just the same!

Enjoy these cartoons with Tommy Powell teaching our technical team pre-pandemic and Ryan Neff teaching our technical team during the pandemic. And meet our technical team members below the cartoons.

Cockroach Presentation: Pre-pandemic

Cartoon: Tommy does an in-person presentation about cockroaches, by slide 4562, the team has aged into skeletons

Ant Presentation: Post-pandemic

Cartoon: Ryan does a virtual presentation on ants, them tires as he talks, and when he looks back at the screen when he's done, they are skeletons

Meet MGK’s Technical Team

Anna Hansen Headshot Anna Hansen likes German roaches and bot flies. She loves having time with her husband and two daughters while building up her collection of houseplants and planted fish tanks.
JB Howell Headshot J.B. Howell likes to spend his free time with his family and friends, and whenever possible enjoy the outdoors. He has a passion for BBQing and enjoying good food with loved ones.
Cassie Krejci Headshot Cassie Krejci is a wife, girl mom, avid runner, barrel racer, and entomologist.  Some of her favorite things in life come from teaching others, life in rural Texas, and Texas Aggie football.
Ryan Neff Headshot Ryan Neff likes ants…a lot. He is a husband, father, entomologist, and general bug dork. Other interests include soccer, football (of the Texas A&M variety), and spending time with his family.
Tommy Powell Headshot Tommy Powell’s two favorite pests are bed bugs and German roaches. He loves his family which includes his dog and The University of Florida – Gators.
Sandra Sleezer Headshot Sandra Sleezer’s favorite pests are aphids and crane flies! When she isn’t working she enjoys spending time with her husband, and two kids. She is an OSU Cowboy and an Arkansas Razorback!
Chris Swain Headshot Chris Swain enjoys family and friend gatherings. He enjoys exercise, fishing, gardening, carpentry, dominoes and outdoor cooking competitions. Chris is a husband, father of four and new granddad of one. He is an entomologist and his favorite pests are termites and ants. He is a fan of Aggie football and just football in general.

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