Brad Ward is an accomplished explorer and motorcycle enthusiast. Traveling throughout the year to pursue the best, most fertile ground, Brad works to develop reliable pyrethrum supplies, and in the process – grows plants, lives, and communities.

His tenure at MGK is just as broad. After joining the company 33 years ago, he’s had roles in credit, procurement, logistics, customer service, production planning, operations, and business development.

Now Brad’s main responsibility is partnering with the Pyrethrum Company of Tanzania (PCT). He supports pyrethrum production with a focus on a sustainable organic business model.

“I’m proud to be part of the team that develops and maintains the most reliable, high-quality, and sustainable pyrethrum supplies in the world,” he says.

Brad spends much of his time building relationships with local contacts and guaranteeing PCT’s backing of local farmers. A creative problem-solver, Brad is often in Tanzania supporting PCT’s operations.

His work not only directly impacts the livelihoods of 15,000+ small family farmers but leaves a lasting impact for these rural communities. From installing processing equipment for local farmers, to providing school supplies to local schools, PCT is helping improve the future prosperity for smallholder family farms and the region.

Looking at his many accomplishments, Brad credits teamwork for his success. “It is best to presume everyone else in the room knows more than you. You are simply there to learn from others and support them, when possible,” he says.

Under Brad’s leadership, PCT – and MGK – are looking at a sustainable and successful future.

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