As part of Sumitomo Chemical Group Companies of the Americas, MGK is pleased to participate in the annual series highlighting some of our incredible women colleagues. In advance of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’ll share the profiles of three MGK employees featured in the “30 Women of the Year at Sumitomo Chemical Group Companies of the Americas” series.

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Abby Smith

Need to troubleshoot production issues? Looking to increase efficiency in our drum labeling? Want to verify the accuracy of our production jobs? For all of that and more, at our Chaska facility, we go to master problem-solver Abby Smith.

On paper, Abby’s role is coordinating production with customer sales orders to ensure success in order fulfillment. In reality, and in her manager’s own words: “This place will not run without her.”

Just take one look at Abby’s office and you’ll see the organizational skills she brings to the job. Nobody better than Abby to keep the orders in line and send them out the door promptly, ensuring satisfaction from our customers and increased efficiency in the office.

And this year, more than most, those organizational skills have been essential. The pandemic brought a few surprises to our manufacturing facility, but thankfully, Abby has been there to help her team pivot and tackle any challenges.

Her reliability and 12 years of experience make Abby the go-to person for questions and recommendations in production. But it’s her friendly nature that has her co-workers popping into her office just to say Hi and check in with her.

Take a closer look and you’ll see that she’s also leaving her creative mark on MGK. In fact, when visiting our Chaska plant, you’ll be welcomed by the tour boards that Abby designed and created.

Abby likes to spend her free time crafting, crocheting and decorating. She’s an avid reader and like many of us this year, has taken some extra time for streaming TV. Her personal favorites? Peaky Blinders, The Last Kingdom and Outlander.

Above all, Abby cherishes time hanging out with family and friends. And she’s an animal lover, especially to a recently adopted two-year old cat.

Abby is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Arts in Art History. She currently calls Chaska, MN home.

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