Most pest management professionals can agree that house flies, Musca domestica, are a significant pest that account for many calls for service, not just in homes, but in around businesses as well. Living in close association with both people and animals, house flies are one of the most commonly encountered pests around the globe. As flies with non-biting, sponging mouthparts, house flies are considered nuisance pests in most situations. However, due to their ability to mechanically transmit disease-causing pathogens on their feet and on the hairs that cover their bodies, house flies can also represent a serious health threat to humans. Without control, a house fly can make a short flight from a dumpster to Mom’s Sunday dinner and bring several foodborne pathogens with them.


There are many methods of fly control in urban settings, the most common of which are outdoor premise sprays and indoor space sprays, but no fly management plan is complete without the integration of fly baits.

Decimari® is the newest fly bait on the market, but it’s not like any other. Before Decimari, those looking for fly baits had the choice of two diamides (Group 28 insecticide), a single carbamate (Group 1A), and two neonicotinoids (Group 4A). Rotation of insecticide classes is important in all forms of insect control, but as we started the fly bait development process, we at MGK asked ourselves, “How can we create a fly bait that is more than just another rotation product?”


The answer to that question was Decimari, the only fly bait on the market to contain an IGR. No longer are additional premise applications of IGRs required after a fly bait scatter treatment.  Dual modes of action – an adulticide and an IGR – have been formulated into one product.


Decimari is comprised of Clothianidin (a neonicotinoid) and Pyriproxyfen, MGK’s NyGuard® IGR. Many people have asked why MGK created a fly control product with an IGR, considering IGRs are not usually considered effective control measures for the adult flies that would be picking up the bait. House flies are successful for many reasons, one of which is their ability to develop quickly in many types of organic material. By applying an all-in-one product containing both an adulticide and an IGR, you are able to target areas where house flies will be feeding and subsequently laying eggs.


Decimari is ideal for indoor areas that need fly control. Bakeries, meat and food processing plants, restaurants, supermarkets, and warehouses are all examples of where Decimari can be used. Install fly bait stations high on the interior walls of these commercial facilities and let Decimari serve as a final feeding place for house flies that may have come inside.


The science of NyGuard IGR, a Group 7C juvenile hormone mimic, shows that this IGR has the ability to reduce reproduction capabilities in adult house flies. Studies have shown that when exposed to NyGuard in a surface spray application, the number of eggs a female house fly is able to lay is reduced by up to 95%. This means that if a house fly was laying 100 eggs before coming into contact with NyGuard, they may only lay 5 eggs after. The effects this has on house fly population growth is significant.

Much like every pest management technician, MGK’s Decimari fly bait seems to never stop working. One bait; two ways to put an end to flies.

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