If you’re trying to grow your business, mosquito control is one of the fastest growing segments in the pest control industry. Here are some of the frequently asked questions I get from PMPs when they are considering adding on this new revenue source.

  1. How much should I charge for mosquito services?
    My advice is to call your competitors. When I was in operations, I did that all the time. You’re looking for a price that’s not the highest but also not the lowest, leaving revenue on the table.
  2. What type of product should I select?
    When you decide about the frequency of your new mosquito service, you want to pick a product that’s going to last. You also want to think about mosquito resistance. There is growing evidence that a synergist like PBO can really help you with your mosquito services.
  3. What kind of equipment will I need?
    I like a backpack mist blower but look for one that is designed for liquid-only applications. Some mist blowers have a granular option and, in my experience, that equipment will eventually leak. You’ll also want to consider the maintenance expense for the equipment you choose. Nothing is worse than buying a piece of equipment and not being able to fix it when it breaks down.
  4. Where can I get training materials?
    Most manufacturers like MGK have protocols that will help you and your employees understand how to do a mosquito service. Utilize your manufacturer partners for additional training either virtually or in the field.
  5. Will this improve customer satisfaction?
    Beyond quick revenue growth, mosquito services can help with customer retention and reduce callbacks if done correctly. This is one of the few tangible services that we provide – a customer has mosquitos today but after your treatment they notice a major improvement. For callbacks when you’re treating for mosquitoes, use products that are labeled for multiple urban pests. Treating mosquito resting areas with these flexible products will also reduce those pests.

Training Materials & Products

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