• Custom Solutions

    Custom Solutions

    Insect control solutions for your business, from new product ideas to sources for your existing product line.

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  • Professional Pest Control

    Professional Pest Control

    MGK provides effective solutions with a lower environmental impact

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  • Livestock and Poultry

    Livestock and Poultry

    MGK insect control solutions protect your animals, your bottom line and so much more

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  • Misting


    Products made specifically to work with professional misting systems, designed to effectively kill mosquitoes, flies and other flying insect pests.

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  • Outside the USA

    Outside the USA

    A Global Business for more than 100 years.

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Insect Control for Today’s Needs


MGK develops branded and custom insect control solutions that provide effective solutions with a lower environmental impact. As a world leader in the manufacture of natural pyrethrum-derived insecticides and carefully synthesized pyrethroids we are at the forefront of the most powerful trend in insect control: Environmentally-conscious products that really work.

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flowerThe Power of Py: Botanical Insecticide


Pyrethrum is a powerful botanical insecticide produced in the flowers of the chrysanthemum flower. Py is derived from (chrysanthemum) flowers and has been used for centuries to control a broad range of insects. For over 80 years MGK has pioneered the production and refinement of this powerful compound for use in ever more effective and versatile insect control applications.