#CloseTheLoop on Pests

Vendetta® 360 rounds out MGK’s trusted Vendetta line and offers PMPs the ideal rotational bait for more complete cockroach control

MGK’s full lineup pf pest management solutions are designed to help you #CloseTheLoop. If you didn’t get a chance to stop by our booth at PestWorld 2023, scroll down to learn more about our newest bait and our complete line of cockroach solutions designed to help you better serve your customers.

Vendetta Family of BaitsWelcome to the Family!

Get to know Vendetta 360, the newest addition to the Vendetta family, and discover how this newly available bait matrix is the ideal answer for bait rotation. Or contact your local sales rep to get a sample and see firsthand how Vendetta 360 can improve your cockroach control efforts.

Cockroach Solutions All-around

MGK’s complete portfolio of cockroach solutions will help you tackle these persistent pests and gain effective control.

Complete Cockroach Solutions from MGK

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Cockroach Resources

Get a comprehensive overview of cockroach biology and behavior, plus practical tips for preventing and treating infestations, to help you better serve your clients and protect their homes and businesses from these pesky pests.

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